about us

Karibu-always a warm welcome!

Karibu Montessori School & Playgroup was founded by Liza Eyres in September 2000. The school is situated at the Newtown Centre, just next door to the neighbourhood park & Castletroy College. We are located within walking distance of local primary schools,  just 5 minutes’ drive from Plassey business park & are easily accessible from other parts of the city via the motorway.


Karibu Montessori School is a purpose built Montessori & Crèche with excellent outdoor facilities.

Our interiors are bright, spacious & comfortable.   Our secure outdoor area consists of two gardens with artificial grass for all-weather play and a custom made playground.

Our school complies with all current Pre- School regulations, and is fully insured by a specialist multinational insurance company

Our Curriculum

Karibu Montessori School provides a curriculum underpinned by the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori, where education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by passively listening to words but by actively engaging in experiences within the environment[1].

Our curriculum is guided by the themes of National Early Years Curriculum Framework, Aistear[2], and the standards of Siolta[3], the National Early Years Quality Framework.

We believe that children are capable and confident learners and we aim to provide a curriculum, in a rich nurturing learning environment, that supports the child’s developing independence.  We value the role of Parents as the primary educators of their children by promoting a partnership approach to the early education experiences of the child.

How we realise our vision:

  1. By providing a rich learning environment, inspired by and responsive to the early learning needs of the children through regular evaluation.
  2. Assessing the development and emerging interests of the individual child to inform planning of early learning experiences.
  3. Developing short and medium term curriculum plans that:
    • Are appropriate to the age and stage of development of the child.
    • Are relevant and meaningful to the child’s experience.
    • Provide concrete learning experiences.
    • Balance what the child needs to know with what the child seeks to know.
    • Provide extensive time for child led learning experiences.
  4. By promoting reflective practice through evaluation of the learning experiences for the child within the service.
  5. By documenting each child’s learning experience using a variety of methods.
  6. By sharing the learning journey of each child with their Parents through a variety of means.
  7. Promoting continuing professional development for each of our Early Years Educators.
  8. Provision of a Safe & Caring Environment which promotes the Well Being, social & emotional development of the child.


[1] http://www.montessori.edu/maria.html
[2] http://www.ncca.ie/en/Curriculum_and_Assessment/Early_Childhood_and_Primary_Education/Early_Childhood_Education/
[3] http://siolta.ie/